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My life began when I hit the track running at age 16. I never stopped. I've run everywhere from the hills behind my home to the Panathenaic Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece. A wall-to-wall shoe collection, a closet full of brightly-colored outfits that my children make fun of me for and over 50 years of Runner's Logs are a physical testament to my daily love of running. 

Soon after I developed a personal love of running, I thirsted for professional advancement in the field. Career goals centered around athletic brand development and advancing the latest technology to elevate the sport of running. Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with Olympic athletes/coaches and at Olympic events. These are some of my most memorable moments. 

Latest Projects


I re-established Polar's authenticity and credibility in the running category by signing elite-level and Olympic athletes and clubs: Molly Huddle, Kate Grace, Miranda Carfrae, Will Leer, Noah Droddy, Silvia Ribeiro, Madi Serpico, Scott Fauble, Chari Hawkins, Emily Sisson, Claire Thomas, Aisha Praught-Leer, Atlanta Track Club, New Jersey/New York Track Club, West Coast Roadrunners & Goldencoast Track Club. This increased market share in the critical run specialty channel saving the brand $7.5 million in revenue.



I designed the activation for the launch of the ONEGPS+ product as a relay from the AT&T store at the Chicago Marathon to the AT&T store at the New York City Marathon. This produced a $3 million partnership with AT&T and TIMEX. 



I developed the strategy for the Kona Ironman World Championships launching the initial multisport wearable. This established GARMIN as a leader in the multisport category for years to come, launching GARMIN Fitness Division, currently a billion-dollar division.  

​Stan and I worked together for more than 20 years while I was the Head Coach at Monmouth. He was a huge help to our team while he was with Polar, Timex, Garmin and Puma. Athletes and coaches who have worked with him know that Stan will do everything he can to help and that he is always true to his word.

Joe Compagni
Senior Director, Olympic Sports at HydraPatch

​I have worked with Stan for more than 10 years over his time at some of the top brands in the business. Stan is a straight shooter who is well respected at all levels of the sports business: with athletes, retailers and the media. Stan would be an asset to any organization.

Mark Sullivan
Managing Partner at SBRnet Inc

Stan defines what it means to have executive leadership backed by his long time consistent marketing and sales history alongside his unbelievable connections.

Stan has real authentic relationships in the industry that allow him to break through all the noise and just get things done. He has worked with and managed some of the best brands in the space. STAN and I are friends and also serve on a charity board together.

Any company would be lucky to have his relationships and marketing and sales techniques that time after time just create wins.

Harrie Bakst
Partner & Co-Founder at WCPG

Over the past 15 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stan as an athlete during my time with Garmin, Pegasus, and Timex. In my role representing athletes as an athlete representative I’ve worked with Stan during his time at Garmin, Timex, Polar and other consulting ventures in which we collaborated.
Stan is relational to the core, his 30+ years in the industry has afforded him one of the deepest networks in the industry, particularly with key retailers from specialty stores, to big box, to professional athletes and events. His no-nonsense and straightforward approach is effective, appreciated, and, frankly, saves everyone a lot of time.
Stan would be an asset to any organization. I recommend him without reservation and would be happy to speak with anyone about my experience with him over the years.

Josh Cox
Sports Agent, Consultant, TV Analyst, & Brand Ambassador

I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Stan for around a decade now. He's one of the kindest and most passionate people I know. He always goes above and beyond and does so with a smile on his face. He made my time as a sponsored athlete such a pleasure as he was always easy to communicate with, good to his word, and quick to respond to any questions or product needs on my end. He continues to be a positive face in the endurance sports community and anyone who gets to work with him is truly lucky.

Jenna Parker
Head of Partnerships & Growth at Fitnescity

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